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More about Ockert Marais

Ockert Marais in his own words. Watch the video in Afrikaans or read the story here:

In Williston, times are hard. Now is the fifth year that we have not seen sufficient rain. There is no food in the fields for our animals.

I am Ockert Marais and I specialise in sheep farming in the Karoo.

Karoo meat is always a topic of discussion. Everyone talks about a Karoo chop or a Karoo leg of lamb. It has a unique taste. I have always had a love for producing meat for a living and I decided that that is what I want to do with mutton and lamb.

I was able to work with the meat but thinking out recipes was a new field to me. So, my first attempt was on the farm where I made salami for my parents to try so that I could see whether there was value in my plan. I then opened the deli and it grew from there. I started making pastrami, cheese wors and then boerewors.

When I started my business, an older gentleman gave me advice, which was to live and let live. That always stuck with me. Poverty in our town is the order of the day. So, I sat and thought about what I could do in my own community. It was then that I started making real budget products for the person who wants to put a plate of food on the table tonight. A plate of food that would be more than sufficient. What you put in you will get back in another way.