Shop 63 | Preller Square | Bloemfontein

About Us


Welgesind means ‘Having the right attitude’. It is therefore no surprise that the owners of Welgesind Farms aligned their own beliefs with the company’s ethos: that one should leave everything better than how you found it.

Located in the Eastern Free State and Eastern Cape, Welgesind Farms’ portfolio of farms is involved in several farming activities; including, cropping, cattle and sheep farming, feed production, a feedlot and game park.

All operational activities at Welgesind are based on sustainable farming practices. The company continually strives to add value by extending both their upstream and downstream operations. Welgesind Farms is in the process of creating a cattle stud to further improve the genetics and traceability of their herd. Additionally, in 2017, the company commissioned an animal feed production plant to produce feed from internal produce for the farm. This way Welgesind Farms ensures that only the best ingredients are used for their animals. What is more, the game park incorporates ecotourism in a sustainable manner. Here the public can enjoy the scenic sandstone formations of the Eastern Cape, including Bushmen rock paintings.

In line with its strategy to continue to add value, Welgesind Farms opened Ziel Deli which markets its farm produce directly to the public.